IDA Stroke Awareness Foundation

IDA Stroke Awareness Foundation is a non profit organisation set to create awareness about stroke; a life changing disease that affects an individual both physically & emotionally.

We also seek to empower stroke survivors by giving them the tools to live a better and healthier life after stroke.


Our mission

We seek to create a consciousness/awareness of stroke in our society in order to prevent it, teach others how to identify the signs of stroke, encourage and enlighten survivors on how to live a healthier life after stroke.


Our vision

We hope to reduce stroke drastically in our Nation, to be the top voices of stroke advocacy in Nigeria and enhance the recovery rate of those living with stroke by providing them with the tools they need to heal.

Our Team

Moyosore Ayah

Founder/Executive Director

Maryam Abdullahi

Public Relations Officer

Taria Ayah


Motunrayo Akinjo

Chief Financial Officer

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